Ancient Philosophers - Anaximander
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Made by @mistexplorer74, I decided to make a philosopher series here :) Members of the account, feel free to start series as well, or add on to existing ones!

Ancient Philosophers - Anaximander

All my findings come from Britannica!

All my findings come from Britannica! It's a pretty cool database btw, go check it out :) -mistexplorer74

Anaximander was born in 610 BCE, in modern-day Turkey. At the time, he was born in a city called Miletus. He died in 546 BCE. He was a philosopher who started to see everything in a more deep and meaningful lens. He was one of the first to do so.

Not much of his work stands today, perhaps that's why not many people have heard of him. Anaximander though of the world in terms of evolution, thinking that man came from some other animal. He thought this because humans need a lot of nurturing and wouldn't have always survived as is today.

He believed that everything originated from the indefinite (unlimited). He said that the world was in fact not eternal and would then be destroyed and returned to the indifinte.

He said that all living things “pay penalty and retribution to one another for their injustice, according to the disposition of time.”

Do you agree? What do you make of his thoughts? Comment which philosopher you want next!

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