Just a random love story
Just a random love story lo ve stories

philophobic A hopelessly romantic lesbian </3
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A story I made from when i was in love

Just a random love story

We went to get ice cream. She got a vanilla sundae with rainbow sprinkles and i got mint chip. She sat across feom me looking like a god upon this earth. It was sun set. We had slept in. The golden sunlight that shown on her accentuated her every feature, she is a total work of art. The memory of her beauty is so vivd in my head..

Her dark brown curly hair glowing in the golden light coming from her left where the sun slowly goes to slumber. Her tan skin sprinkled with small inperfections she hates but i adore every imperfect imperfection she wishes was gone. Her skin was stunningly clear in that moment, in that light, in that feeling, in that memory.

The brown eyes she wishes were blue glowed beautifully in the fading light, you could see the specks if gold hidden in those eyes. Those eyes, they kill me every time, they make me melt, make me want to bow to her and worship the ground she walks and flowers she crushes with a gentle step. I wish i was a flower. The shadows cast on her face matched her perfectly, the beauty of her dark past... and present.

Her shoulders arent broad, in fact the opposite. Shes smaller than me, but only by a small amount. Her flat chest she sometimes wishes was completely flat and others wishes it was larger. Her small stomach and beautiful figure, skinny legs that dangle off the high chairs we were on. She is a god on this earth. She is my everything and i think that im in love with this girl.

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