Waves of Words

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Waves of Words

It starts as a stream as the conversation trickles, Bouncing subjects like water rushing around rocks, The water carving out a path for the body of water that follows.

The words said slowly, intensifying like wind picking up, Escalating to a gust of fresh air that fills my lungs, Breathing becomes simpler when the breeze greets me.

The trees, so statuesque and so rooted in their ways, Seem to be moving along with the rest of nature, Slowly walking with purpose to meet the sun's glare with desperation.

The clouds move from the sky as if to pardon itself from interrupting, The words spoken... Making them more intense... Sharpened by the blue sky, they come spiraling out of your lips and mine.

Heat from these words warming the sea, Waves crashing over and over, Eroding the earth that seemed to stand firmly before her.

We can't help but to peer, to get a glance of the sight, Patiently waiting to hear the crashing waves every night, Hoping that the waves never stop.

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