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Thanks to @soothrain for giving me the prompt for this poem!

Tightrope Walker

The air is thin, and I am sweating.

My vision narrows, the ground is shaking.

I am told to take just one step at a time,

But my feet seem to be frozen to the line.

The walk seems to grow longer and longer,

As my ankles grow weaker and weaker.

Just put one foot in front of the other.

Don't look down or you'll be bothered.

I can see my breath as I take another step,

I can hear my knees buckling with regret.

Almost there, just a couple more,

Just don't you dare look at the floor.

It's so silent I could hear a drop, pin

Or maybe it's me that'll take the flop.

No safety net is in place,

To catch myself from my falling grace.

The vertigo strengthens, I can barely keep up the pace.

Then I looked down and noticed, no steps did I even take.

Thanks to @soothrain for giving me the prompt for this poem! I am glad to have written a poem for one of the most supportive people on this site! I know the struggles with heights.

It can be funny for some, but terrifying for others.

I just want to motivate everyone that may be scared of heights to try to push your boundaries because you can see some amazing things from up high like I have in helicopters and up on towers!

You may even be proud of yourself for doing so!

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