The Island of Happiness

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philmichaelwebs Community member
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It's a risk I'm willing to take.

The Island of Happiness

I'm depleted. Every ounce of effort I create has been siphoned. Every stroke of luck has been marked off my list from Karma. I pushed the boat as far from the dock and untied the knots. I'm waiting.

Waiting for a gust of wind to fill my sail again, A lucky wave to push me out and not bring me in. So I can set sail on this treacherous ocean, So I can steer my life in any direction.

I'm determined. I set my course for the hardest to reach island. I drew out my map, used a protractor and compass. Every action has brought me to this moment. I'm hoping.

Hoping, if I need help that someone will see my flare. Doing all I can just so, by myself, I can make it there. I want to make this journey the next couple years alone. So I can see the seeds I planted on that island all grown.

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