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WARNING: Spiders involved.
Thanks to @lindds250 for the prompt. I hope she gets rid of her spider problem soon!


You’ve been in my life, spinning silk for a web.

I thought it was so beautiful,

But the web you were spinning was in my head.

Your dexterity was ceaseless, my eyes couldn’t see.

That instead of a spider a human stood in front of me.

Not a useful part of nature, spinning its little web,

But a human was here to mess with my head.

I tried to ignore all the signs planted in front of me.

Like lifeless flies in a web, caught because they couldn’t see,

The toxic web you were tirelessly spinning.

Now I am stuck here and struggling.

I see someone new walking in.

Someone younger and bolder like I used to have been.

I tried to scream out, to warn the young girl,

But I was too late, “a new victim!”, he snarled.

Thanks to @linds250 for giving me a prompt for this poem! Always know that you can always take a spider outside and forget it exists.

Never squash a spider because every spider has a place in this world, but know you don’t have to worry about them in your house/apartment.

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