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Born into this world, A world full of dreams and nightmares.


Born into this world,

A world full of dreams and nightmares.

A life full of believers and doubters.

Which side will you choose?

Will you let the negativity influence you?

Will you let somebody come break you,

Dragging your dreams from your brain.

Will you let them drive you insane?

Will you let the hatred grow?

Will you let envy come and take you?

I don’t want this for you.

See, I don’t think any of us want another one of those,

People that just walk through life.

Watching TV and thinking everything is alright.

Forgetting the dreams they had when they were kids,

Dancers, singers, athletes and writers, at least that’s what people said.

See, I never heard my friends say they wanted to be an accountant.

Not there’s anything remotely bad about it.

I just heard dreams and aspirations,

Every day, I lost another inspiration.

The optimistic people are the ones that go far.

The ones that keep thriving to be who they are.

The ones brave enough to keep fighting,

The labels negative people are always writing.

Look for these positive people and surround yourself with them.

Don’t be deescalated by some downer you call a friend.

Be lifted by lovers and elevated by eccentrics.

People brave enough to ignore people’s inventions.

This doesn’t mean you always have to be happy.

There will be times when life is hard, scary and deceitful,

But don’t stop fighting to chase the dreams that make you, you.

Keep struggling to be optimistic.

Yes you have to struggle to be optimistic.

You have to keep struggling until it’s a habit.

One that you nurture and that you keep protected.

If you’re not optimistic, make a decision.

Do you want to live life or make a division,

Between life and who you really are.

Optimism is where to start.

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