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philmichaelwebs Just a metalcore lover.
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Neglect can grow within your own life. Please be aware and always stay in the fight.


Maybe it doesn't matter if I workout today, Achieving health and being prosperous along the way. Maybe I don't need to stop ingesting nicotine, That will make my heart skip a beat, just to feel free.

Maybe I don't need to do what I want, Thinking of someone else's health because of love. Maybe I didn't think about their health enough, And that's why I'm alone feeling stunned.

Maybe I don't need to sleep today, I have a lot of chores and work to do along the way. Maybe the chores can wait along with the work, And I can get fired, or let go or that event in short.

Maybe I don't need to speak to my friends as much, I want to be alone in a dark room; maybe eat some lunch. Maybe I'm too social causing me anxiety with all the proposals, And I just need to lay down and sleep like I'm supposed to.

Maybe I don't need to be creative, And have an outlet that isn't abrasive. Maybe I don't need to know my family, And fly this thing called life solo and find who I'm supposed to be.

Maybe I don't need to take care of myself, And wait for someone to do it, who might tell, Me what is going wrong in my life, Or maybe I should not neglect what's right.

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