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My Story

My Story

I am a guy from Indiana and I grew up in a small town

I went to a school with no diversity around

I found myself dating many girls

To find out in college, how the world really works

It doesn't matter about the popularity

Academia makes you as successful as you want to be

I learned that too late because I focused on a girl

Joined the Army to try to serve the world

A lot of ruck-marching and waiting around

Still waiting to have myself be found

Picked up a bad habit in the process

Chewing on material starts cancer in the progress

Then I got married to the girl that I focused on

Found out 5 years down the road that we were wrong

Before that we moved to Washington

I stayed inside mostly because of my depression

I graduated a Law Enforcement Academy

And noticed there was no fighter left inside of me

So I found a therapist to fight the depression

She noticed something above everything I mentioned

I was not happy with the girl I focused on

I started working to try and fix it

Noticed that we weren't going to make it

That's it, you're caught up now

That's my story in a nutshell

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