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philmichaelwebs Just a metalcore lover.
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Loneliness is an empire that is built, and my walls are strong.


Redemption is a hefty swing, From the roof, hear the bell tower ring. I might be down, but I won't let her see, I'll be leaving in the morning, nice to know you.

Every time you brought me down a peg, I just focused on moving my legs. I held tight as my broken heart sang. I don't know if I'll make it, but nice to know you.

It's a cold and a hurtful place, When you're looking down and you see your face. Not knowing the next time you would feel safe. It's a door that needs to close, nice to know you.

I know my tears seem like beautiful art, See this flower planted in my heart? Its wilted and its dying parts? I'll never plant again, nice to know you.

I don't know if I have been here before, I've heard it hurts, but it hurts a bit more. When my heart beats, I just feel the cold. I can't win in the end, but it was nice to know you.

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