Life Worth Living

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philmichaelwebs Community member
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Keep pushing for what makes you happy. Do not be content unless you are happy with what you are content with.

Life Worth Living

Waiting for my moment to shine, to break out of this shell.

Just trying to take what is mine, and be freed from this hell.

Every damn day, I wake up and do the same thing,

Knowing what every tomorrow has to bring.

I'm stuck in a vicious cycle of repeating my actions,

And knowing the only way out, the only way to create a reaction,

Is to stand up and fight for what you need.

Don't get knocked down onto your knees.

Did you ever watch Rocky before?

You know, the movie with punching and light gore?

It's time for me to get off these fucking ropes.

Dance around and do a little rope-a-dope.

Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee,

People will finally really get to know me.

I'm going to live the life that's worth living,

Even if you're not in the picture, forgive me.

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