Left and Right

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philmichaelwebs Just a metalcore lover.
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Help through hard times as an atheist, or anything else that your parents don't agree with in your life. Stick through the "spelling errors".

Left and Right

The left side will say I am expressive and thoughtful,

The right side will say I need to be a man and grow up,

As I write poetry on this website.

The right side will shake their head and have shame to call me a friend,

The left side would support me in my walk of shame,

As I wtire potry on this webite.

The left side will love and care for me as I make this journey,

The right side would get progressively angry,

As I wri ptry n this wite.

The right side will think I am sharing things too personal,

The left side will push my boundaries and help me grow,

As I try t i.

My mom will be there by my side always,

My dad leaves me when I don't make him proud,

As I try and live this life.

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