“I like all types of music!”

      “I like all types of music!” music stories

philmichaelwebs Just a metalcore lover.
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A couple dates in the relationship.

“I like all types of music!”

“I like all types of music” She said to me, to answer my question. “Ok you can choose it” I said with high expectations.

“Do you like Taylor Swift or Kanye West?” I said “Yes, but what about a metal rift?” “No way!” She exclaimed with a weird look on her face. I said “Ok.” With confusion taking place,

Of the explanation I want to hear, from everyone that’s been here.

Why do people act like they’re cultured, then talk about how that music shouldn’t be heard?

She said “that’s the devils music and I can’t understand what they are saying.” I told her “it’s actually very technical and I have no problem explaining.”

“No thanks..” she replies. “How about something else!?” “Ok, how about some Blake Shelton?” “Eww, I hate that incest driven bullshit.” Me, “Have you even tried to listen yet?”

What’s the meaning of a song? Is it a melody to find somewhere you belong?

Is it something that defines you? Maybe it’s something you just listen to?

“Ok, let’s try again....” she said still holding my hand. “What about Post Malone?” Trying to get something we’d both enjoy plugged in.

“He’s degrading women and talking about drugs.” She said, letting go of my hand. “Ok what about big band?” “That’s just music for old people.” she shrugged.

Why can’t we listen to music to feel someone’s pain? Maybe open our ears and expand our brain?

Find a point of view we’ve never seen before. Give it a listen and ask “What’s that lyric for?”

Me, “Punk, that’s always a good choice.” Her, “Yea, if youre still hurting over your parents divorce.”

“ Classic rock it is.” I said. Her, “ I don’t get why they are always banging their heads.”

Me, “ You said you like all music!” Her, “Yes except all of those.” Me, “Well now there’s nothing to choose left. Her, “Guess it’s back to Taylor Swift.”

If you don’t like certain music it’s okay. Everybody finds solitude their own way.

Don’t act like you do just to be accepted, among people who you have nothing in common with.

Music is a big deal and it can express who you are. All the things from your up-bringing to if we hang, which bar.

If you keep a closed mind to one of the most beautiful arts, you may never find who you truly are.

-Philip Webster

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