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A writing of feeling empty.

I Am

I am just an empty casing I am not what you might think I can’t say I’ll always be there Keep picking until the scab will bleed.

Why can’t you quiet down and whisper Listen to the things I say Why can’t you stop my shivers I’ll shake until I fade away

I am just a recorded message Permanately on repeat I am holding on to shadowy figures Nothing left to support my feet

Why can’t I hold this breath in Why are my thoughts fleeting again Why can’t I see past this filter Holding my feelings under

Do not trust me I am only hallow Don’t fall for this dirty trick I’m not here to reconcile you I am here only because I exist

Don’t bring me to the empty shallows Don’t bring me to the freezing depths Either place you won’t find value Don’t even let me on your ship

Come to know the ground I walk on Come to know the shoes I fill Come to see my lonely shadow And wonder what is wrong with this filth

I am not an inspiration I am not a friend to meet I am lost and so misguided Someone broken, not to see

My veins are pumping very clearly My heart, it beats just like a drum I can say things that are so endearing But that’s not anything my heart has done

I am like a blank canvas A feather floating in the wind I am like a mirrored image Owning nothing but my sin

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