Heart-To-Heart feelings stories

philmichaelwebs Just a metalcore lover.
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Don't be a statue.


You have brought a smile to a face of stone, A statuesque heart, risen in the light of your softness, Your wits and humor chip away at the material, Leaving broken pieces for you to work with.

This is a difficult project to work on, I have given you free reign to build it as you please, I will help, if you don't understand a step or two, But I will stand back and see how you manage.

I will look forward to the day you think you're done, The day when you present me with that freshly built heart, I will present you with what I was working on too, Hopefully we built each others hearts to the other's satisfaction.

We can fill those hearts together with anything we want, Anything and everything, as long as both of us are smiling, We can look back at the rubble that was left, As a reminder, that what we left behind is not permanent.

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