Haunting haunting stories
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philmichaelwebs Community member
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50 down too much more to go.


Fifty posts, and I'm still feeling low. Keeping my head barely afloat. Wondering what else I could possibly know... Keeping my heart like stone.

Hoping my words jump out at you. Seeping on this page I wrote anew. Jumping over these endless obstacles. Tripping on all of them though.

Why is everything I write so sad? Trimming off all of this fat. That's why some of you say it taste so good. Seeing how long it lasts.

Nothing festers like my open mic. These emotions just feel like lice. Washing up, it's almost dinner time. See now.. Doesn't that feel so fine.

It's almost time to go to bed. Thinking, while I scratch my broken neck. Blinking while my world goes past. Sinking in my seat because it goes too fast.

I like when I fall asleep. It feels like my mouth stops to breath. Holding my post hostage underneath, Where I sleep, but I need to wake up because it's haunting me.

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