Four Years Old

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Suppressed memories.

Four Years Old

Sifting through files in my mind, I found suppressed memories I hide. From myself and for the greater good of all I know, To withdraw from the emotions I want to show.

I stopped on a file that was dusty and old, Withered from the time that had passed since that day. I open the folder and read the memory pressed into a mold, Forcing the memory back fresh, while in bed, I lay.

Tossing and turning, no sleep to be had, For the memory had a grip on my future and my past. It wrenched my heart when I thought what had happened, When I was only four, the separation of love and hate flattened.

There were no highs, there were no lows, There was nothing that made a smile from ear to ear. Because a man touched a boy and the pain still grows, Never dealt with from that point on and it shows.

No, "I'm sorry" or "Let's talk about it." Now I'm twenty-six and just now trying to fix. I made a leap in vulnerability and that's hard for me, What's hard for you? Address and fix it please.

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