Don't Be Stepped Over

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philmichaelwebs Community member
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Motivation for those of you who lack self-confidence like myself. We CAN do this!

Don't Be Stepped Over

There are no streams going in a specific direction, Their paths are not designed or thought out. Streams create a non-conforming push against Earth, It digs out the easiest way to travel.

Some think this to be a good analogy for life, to go with the flow, But what it symbolizes is the lack of effort it needs to make a path. It shows how easy your life can be pushed into one direction just because it's the easiest way to travel.

Do not let the Earth fall at your feet, Do not let your path be decided for you, Do not let people persuade you into conforming, Do not let yourself become yet another stream...

That's easily stepped over.

Be the waterfall that no one could imagine, Be the wave that no one saw coming, Be the difference from what people expect and what they need, Be almost anything.....

Just don't be a stream.

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