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Races should not define who you are.


No one told me how different people can be. Growing older, it's more apparent what we see. You grew up with only knowing one thing; you're behind. There is more than one lifestyle that we can take time to define.

There is a female, used by men for pleasure. Some fall into this trap and all the others suffer. Some pursue careers, and follow their dreams. While having to be diligent with what they wear while they walk down the street.

There are men, some loyal and some dishonest. Some that can help lead a family and some that can ruin a promise. They can fall on their pride and resent who they've become. While others waste their days wishing they were more fun.

There are Black people who have a strong history. They have fought for their right to live their lives freely. Some have fallen, just like all races, but are ridiculed more harshly and talked about to their faces.

There are White people that have been put at the top. Making the lives of those who struggle never stop. There are also white people who have struggled. No one seems to care though because they have the white privilege.

There are Asian people who are successful in their lives and who they are. While some have had it hard, but still get poked at for being smart. Not all fall in the same category, that's not who people are.

Middle-Easterners are gasping for air because Americans have labeled them instantly. Even though most fight for same thing we all do individually. Just because some have chosen the wrong path and been mislead horrifically.

There are Hispanic people who have worked hard for what they have. Only to be betrayed by a country they found as a safe haven, mad. They are being treated as less than equal, just because a "leader" said they're bad.

There are so many religions and also some don't want one. You can believe we are here for a purpose or that life doesn't have a specific one. Neither way can be said to be false because they are beliefs and that fight is over-done.

All of these are people and that's all they are. Families, lives, proud of how they have come so far. They have sadness, anger, jealousy and heart. Waking up every day to lead a life that some would call art.

Differences are harsh, especially on first impressions. Like me writing this poem, some think I have forgotten them. They think I misrepresented who they are. While all I'm doing is trying to empathize for their scars.

I'm just a white guy in America, privileged as fuck. Trying to find out who I am and filter through this muck. I'm trying to see who you really are as a person. So write me back and let me hear your purpose.

Please write me back if you feel comfortable expressing your story and yourself and let me know who you are. All that are on the fence, let me tell you that you should be proud of whoever you are and what you will become.

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