Defining a tear

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philmichaelwebs Just a metalcore lover.
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Life is full of them Some times they’re happy

Defining a tear

Life is full of them

Some times they’re happy

Or sometimes they’re salty

Don’t control them

Moments sometimes are crappy

And sometimes they’re faulty

Experience these moments

Each tear, falling after the next

As something you haven’t chosen

On a long and wonderful trek

Because each tear can mean something to you

Maybe not now, but it may eventually seep through

You are now stronger and more defined

As the years seem to be passing by

You know what you like and what you don’t

Maybe you’ll get married and maybe you won’t

Maybe you find out that you’re gay or bisexual

Maybe you’ll find something that isnt textual

It isn’t written down or defined

What these tears can often find

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