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My response to @psycho_bates issue. It is generalized, but I think I got the point across that I was trying to portray!


You’re different than me, the unknown is defined as fear.

Instead of processing why you think the way you do, I keep to myself to put me in a better mood.

Why do they dress that way, why do they mirror,

The feelings crashing into them on the outside. It’s like they have no clue;

What’s accepted as a social norm.

Maybe they have something I don’t.

Every time I walk by I feel torn.

I could try and see it their way, but I won’t.

If you take the time,

Just open up your mind.

They might have parents who can’t find,

The love to express what’s on their mind.

Maybe they don’t have parents at all.

Maybe life has set them up to just fall.

Or maybe it’s the other way around.

You don’t understand what they have found.

Maybe to you they seem to have it all,

Loving parents, good friends that hangout at the mall.

Maybe you’re scared because you won’t fit in,

With what society tries to tell you is “in.”

Maybe if you both thought it through,

You’d be friends and find something new.

See, sneaker wearing, gelled hair football players,

May never know their own feelings.

They are too busy wondering what people think or say.

On the inside they might be fucking peeling.

On the other hand, there are chain and black wearing goths.

Wondering if they had loving parents and what they lost,

Holding to their feelings and expressing them on the outside.

Making them seem emotional and hateful, trying not to abide.

Inside they might feel like they want to belong,

Not knowing that what they need, they had along.

People are people, nothing more and nothing less.

Stop and treat them like you’d treat yourself.

Social norms have made kids even more of a mess.

Teaching them to divide at an early age, making an individual with no story to tell.

You don’t need a book to teach you these lessons,

Just reach out and have an uncomfortable session.

Thanks to @psycho_bates for inspiring me to write this and going out of HER comfort zone to share a problem she has! I hoped this help explain my perception of cliques.

Even though generalized, I think you can apply this to any “clique”.

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