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Brands. I hate brands.


I wake up and post on Facebook. Is that too old? I guess I'll move the post to Insta. Update my profile on Tinder. Make sure someone will swipe and make me a winner.

Check my LinkedIn and look at all the new jobs. Pump my profile and make myself look like Steve Jobs. Check my Snapchat and sob over the Vine that's dead. Check my Gmail and see where my life is at.

Don't talk to me about Volcolm I only wear BillaBong. Don't talk to me about Hollister I'm not in middle school anymore. Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts? Who gives a shit. Just drink the overpriced coffee and say "it's lit."

Under Armor or one of those new brands? As long as you buy it to feel in shape it doesn't matter where you stand. YouTube is dead move to Twitch. You don't want to see your content end up in a ditch.

Ordered food from a big company? Is it GMO and is it cage free? WalMart, how bout we go to a local place? Pay the price for being decent, so you know I'm a saint.

Ford or Chevy? Are you a real man? I didn't think of this, what is the plan? Subaru or Volkswagen, which way do you hang? Either way you're giving your money to big names.

PC or Mac? Are you a gamer or not? Why can't I have both, no matter what I bought? IPhone or Galaxy let's see your dedication. At least get a phone so you can post something about meditation.

These brands define you as a person whether you like it or not. Hopefully one day we can look beyond it and see what we got.

We have a messed up country with broken dreams. People caring more about their persona than the way they actually seem.

If you don't like my picture, how could I call you a friend? I just can't wait for all that superficial stuff to end.

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