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philmichaelwebs Just a metalcore lover.
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Just a poem to say thanks to those who are readin my poems and commenting! Also thanks for writing your own! It’s always nice to hear stories I relate to or just enjoy!

Blot of Ink

Write all the words down

them a certain now Put in order

Make sure it’s something that is new

So someone might finally recognize you

Find a creative subject that’s relatable

Force it to be something that’s debatable

So the comment section is full and the likes are noticeable

Is that greedy or is it sad?

Is this writer just on a fad?

My own experience is that they do want to be recognized

Not for recognition alone they want to realize

That poems can be a way to communicate

To try to get hurtful feelings out of the way

I personally love the comment section full

So I can meet people that don’t only struggle

They brighten up your day with positivity

Like the friends that you may never have the chance to meet

So all the people on this site

Know that you’re helping me win a fight

Read others poems and listen

To the meaning they try to put behind them

Even if it’s a love story or a scary story

Even at first, if you think it’s boring

Read the story all the way through

And maybe the story meant nothing to you

Give a critique or send a positive message

Like so many of you, for me, already did

Because I can tell you it helps a lot

To know your words aren’t just a blot

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