A Letter to Me

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A letter to myself.

A Letter to Me

Philip, what is it that you want?

You seem lost, not knowing what makes you tic.

Not knowing your brain, it needs a fix.

Not moving towards the things that make your mouth lift.

Philip, what do you need?

You seem mangled.

You seem hungry.

How can you see?

Philip, I'm worried about your heart.

Where did it all start?

You used to be smart.

You stayed away from this art.

Art, a funny word for this darkness,

That reaches from my heart to this paper.

A monster that eats at my life and savors,

The pain and suffering that lingers.

Philip, what's wrong?

Where did your personality go?

What made your heart stop the glow?

Why are you left in the dark with nothing to show?

Philip, why don't you write back?

Why are you barely left conscious?

Why is it days in between happiness,

Weeks filled with hopelessness?

Philip, why is there a haze over your eyes?

Preventing anything to be said without a sigh.

Creating a barrier between conversation,

Raising peoples preservation.

Philip, please come back.

I'm tired of asking questions,

I'm tired of suggestions,

I'm tired of reservations.

Philip, Are you still there?


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