We Know Who We Were
We Know Who We Were freedom stories

philipdodd Storyteller and poet.
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Lines about root questions and the desire for freedom.

We Know Who We Were

by philipdodd

We know who we were, as for now, do we know who we are?

We ask the right questions, the few answers we find, we mull over, debate.

Wish I could waken from sleep, find words to crust a tune.

Sail out in a boat on the ocean to slay the kraken with my light rod, my radiant harpoon.

Away from civilized confusion, the traffic hoot and hum. Attend to the silence only passing winds disturb.

Back to wood, stone and water, to bird song in the green wood I come.

We know how we were, as for now, do we know how we are?

I move my hand over the uncultivated land, the unharvested ocean.

Wish I could breathe in deep as a whale, pipe out high like a dolphin, swim free of shackle, no fortune to fail.

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