Ski In The Sky
Ski In The Sky skiing stories

philipdodd Storyteller and poet.
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Ski In The Sky

by philipdodd

I went for a ski in the sky, never more free was I, far higher than any bird could fly, when I went for a ski in the sky.

Really I walked down a road, my arms strained, my feet slowed by my shopping bag load.

I looked up. Saw me ski down the slope of a cloud, its edge white with winter sunlight.

I smiled to see I wore the same blue coat I wore on Earth. My face looked younger, serene, accustomed to pleasant thought and mirth.

Clouds shifted, my concentration waned. It grew grey, chilly, like yesterday, when it was windy and rained.

The moment passed by. I was happy enough to cry. I was thinking of you and I when I went for a ski in the sky.

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