Don't Want A War
Don't Want A War  america stories

philipdodd Storyteller and poet.
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Don't Want A War

by philipdodd

Don't want a war between America and China. Don't want a war between anyone at all. Will we go down the snake or up the ladder? If they drop the dice on what number will it fall?

Don't want to hear just why they don't trust each other. Don't want to fear when I listen to the news. Will the earth be dry and bare as a crater?

Will all the captains go down with their ships and crews?

Don't be fooled when they say the feud is over. Don't you be ruled by the hard hatred they feel. When the dove is dead the vulture will hover.

Then the world will wake to find the nightmare is real.

Don't want a war are the words I brand on my brow. Don't want a war is my protest in the dark. To the might of machines they would have us bow. No shelter is a lone tree with no leaf or bark.

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