After the Asteroid Accident
After the Asteroid Accident poetry stories

philipdoddStoryteller and poet.
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Lines inspired by the B.B.C. television documentary, The Day the Dinosaurs Died.

After the Asteroid Accident

by philipdodd

After the asteroid accident, the dinosaurs were no more. It happened sixty five million years ago, the scientists are sure.

Dinosaurs live on in Hollywood, animated on the screen. Museums display their skeletons, picture how their age had been.

Schoolboys play with their dinosaur toys. They know the names of each kind. By freak fault and cataclysmic chance evolved our finite human mind.

That was some accident, sixty five million years ago, when an asteroid hit planet Earth, off the coast of Mexico.

To live on Earth is strange. It really is quite queer.

Don't lose your sense of wonder. Be happy that you're here.

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