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sunshine on the darkest days saving me from this complex maze


sunshine on the darkest days

saving me from this complex maze

completion will avoid me, my little one no longer we can be

reminders that i don't realise, connected through our loving eyes

so much to say, my baby i can't today

gone, lost and dazed

never experiencing that loving haze

purpose is shallow, path is now narrow

hope is wilted

never met but feel like i know

how much you would have made me glow

skin touching, instant connection

never my true intention

body harming, abnormal character

mother could be

no longer in my vocabulary

what's the purpose of being on your own

truly am and forever alone

earth seems like a playground of taunt

wishing i could know you

hold you

call you my own

my purpose is no longer known

void is deep, the darkness remains



rusted on purpose

forgive me i am worthless

young and already told

my love for you will never grow old

hold me in your arms you say

my baby, i can't today

by phoebe j

hiya, my name's phoebe this the first time i've ever shared my poetry online!

this one can be about whatever you want it to be but for me personally it is about finding out about infertility at a young age and the process of dealing with that,

this is recent news to me but writing about it has really helped my mind and outlook on the next steps i need to make, i was also encouraged by friends to share my work so thought i would!

i'm going to be sharing more of my work which will relate around mental health,

rape culture for women (in process of writing about rape culture for men as had a very interesting conversation with a friend on his take on it),

i also wanted to share 'purpose' as i feel it is a conversation not being spoken about enough!


P x

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