Girl of Steel
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What brought the girl of steel to her knees?

Girl of Steel

This world scares me, Paralyzes me.

My name isn't as clear As it once used to be.

I once burned with the fire and Now ashes are all that's left of me.

I once danced with the storm, The thunder my drum and beat, But my dance was none of joy, It was one of pain, you see.

My secrets revealed to an unjust world In poetry, Undeserving of beauty, Concerned with Psychiatry, Drowning in screens and black coffee, Anxiety and sobriety.

A world so unstoppable It continues to puzzle me. These are chaotic times, Lass, And too many rely on me.

Strong girl, brave girl (Crumbling)

What brought the Girl of Steel to her knees?

My heart is the one to blame For it was cursed like Sisyphus To carry a heavy burden undeniably, painfully

It's all balderdash to me now, anyway Girl of Steel at my core But I still somehow fade away.

I'm the doomed, the damned, the triumphant With no promises and no regrets, And cold hands, like doomed lovers, Hung by strings, a marionette.

Someone told me it's no small thing To control and choose your own end, The universe loves a bad joke, But respects the decadent.

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