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phantomhound555 I take time, but I hit my target hard...
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Hunter Wilson was far from a professional killer. But he did the job and got the money for a drink with his friend. At the bar, he is pulled out by a very beautiful girl only to learn an ugly truth.


To be honest, let me tell you that escaping that murder was easy. Very easy.

I had been assigned a target to kill. And the reward was five hundred grand. I'm far from being professional in these kind of missions. But what would you expect from a criminal?

I walked into the bar and sat next to my friend, Andrews.

"You got the money?" he asked.

"Hell yeah," I grinned. "Let's get this party started!"

I beckoned to the bartender and dumped a wad of cash.

"Get us all the expensive whiskey you can find with this money."

He stared at the wad, then said, "You'll get five bottles."

Two minutes later, the bottles came rolling in. Me and Andrews greedily took a bottle each, clinked the glass with each other, and drank the bottles till they were empty.

We did this a second time. I began feeling nauseous. I told Andrews that he could take the third one, to which he readily agreed.

Not knowing what to do to avoid damage, I sat in the corner and watched as he drank the bottle at alarming speed. But my eyes were focused on a young lady who walked into the bar.

She wore a really hot crop top and a pair of jeans. The smell of alcohol was replaced by a fresh fragrance.

At that moment, Andrews got into a fight with another drunkard. I fought the urge to join the fray. The girl noticed me and walked over to me, smiling.

"Rough day?"

I managed a weak smile. "Nah. It's just the whiskey. What's a hot sweetie like you doing here?"

"To be honest, this is the only bar I know where decent people come. I'm actually surprised a fight has broken out here."

I laughed. "I ain't no decent man."

She laughed too. "Let me be the judge of that."

She took my arm and pulled me out of the bar. I went along with her, smiling, as I knew where this was going.

Once we were out of the bar, I walked in front of her. "My car's a little ahead, out of this alley. We can go to my place and -"

I heard the cocking of a gun. "Freeze."

I spun around to see her point a nickel pistol at me. Suddenly, someone from behind grabbed my arms and cuffed them behind my back.

"Hunter Wilson," she said, "you are hereby under arrest for the murder of Henry Scott. You have the right to remain silent."

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