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My first Comma! Just a blurb really,nothing special, just some words that have been swimming around my head,that frankly probably don't make sense to anyone but me,but I'm okay with that.


by fueledbydreams

Insomnia gives you the chance to think about what you want and don't want to do with your life

It gives you a chance to try and slow down all the words racing through your head

But sometimes, it reminds you of all the mishaps,mistakes,and missteps you've made in your life.

sometimes when you're lying awake,you think "why am I here?"

"Why am I alive?"

Sometimes Insomnia can be your best friend

While other times it will just as quickly whip around,and terrify you.

When I lie awake at night

I think about all of the mishaps,mistakes, and Missteps i've made. And i think to myself,why don't you just give up?

Why don't you just give in?

But then i tell myself 'i won't give up' and ' i won't give in.'

Because if I give up,and give in. Who is going to be left to tell my story?

Who is going to be left to tell my TRUE story?

Who will tell my secrets?

My insomnia scares me sometimes

Terrifies me even

But I'm thankful for the thoughts my insomnia provokes.

For the fears it forces me to conquer

For the demons it forces me to fight.

I don't know if i'm making any sense. Or if anyone is going to read this. But can i be really honest with you?

I don't care

I just want to get the thoughts,and ideas i have out into the world

Even if no one reads them.

Insomnia has given me so many stories

So many tall tales that come out of the dark of the night.

And i can't wait to share them with you,even if 'you' are a blank screen.

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