Myrtle's diary.
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phantomhive0227 •Greetings & Salutations•
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Snippets from pages of Moaning Myrtles enthralling (and tear soaked) diary. How she was able to write,is unknown.<br/><br/>/Just a fun parody I wanted to do. Enjoy!

Myrtle's diary.

Parody by phantomhive0227

September 1rst 1991 In my stall

A fresh batch of first years has just arrived. None to interesting, and the girls are just as snotty and terrified of me as the last batch- Except this one particular red head.

She's a bit of a know it all if you ask me. She wasn't even the slightest bit terrified of my sobbing,in fact,she rudely burst into my stall,

Introduced herself,and began rambling on about me. About my death,how old I was, As if I were some Looney who'd forgotten who she was!

She was a bit awkward if you asked me, bushy hair, and rather large front teeth. I began to laugh at her and she finally shut up,huffed,and stalked out of my stall.

Which is a good thing,as she was getting on my nerves,about how we were "one and the same" both awkward,lonely and muggle-born.

Hmph, One and the same my stall!.....I'm far prettier.

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