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phantomhive0227 •Greetings & Salutations•
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Will you come for me?

Mr. Enigma.

by phantomhive0227

I dreamt of you again. It was a wonderfully terrifying dream. But I dreamt of the many different ways we could meet.

What would I wear? In every dream,we met unexpectedly. You never give me enough time to be ready for you. To pick out the appropriate outfit.

I wish my heart wouldn't break so hard when I see you meet with other people.

Are you avoiding me?

I'll wait as long as I need to I suppose. Whenever you're ready, i'll be as ready as I can be.

Whether that be today,tomorrow,or years from now.

I know I should be afraid of you. Or so you say.

But I'm not.

You're an enigma to me, and I love that about you.

I know that in the past,I've come running head on to you,when you-and frankly, I, was not ready for you yet.

Thank you for not feeding into my selfish desires. I'll wait until you're ready for me, and I know I'm ready for you. Then I'll take your hand, and greet you like an old friend.

But in the meantime I'll dream of you. And I promise not to run straight towards you anymore. And I won't go searching for you anymore.

I'll wait until you're ready to show yourself.

I'll Wait, Mr. Enigma

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