Mr. Enigma part 3 (Final)
Mr. Enigma part 3 (Final) forever stories

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I won't chase after you anymore. This time for real,and true.

[I admit,that the geek within me almost put "i choose a mortal life" XD]

Mr. Enigma part 3 (Final)

by fueled by dreams

Did you hear? Today,a new beautiful life was brought into my world.

I was afraid at first when I first felt the tiny life stirring inside me.

I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to take care of them. I was afraid that I would fail them.

You want to know something? For once I was

Afraid of you.

I know that all of this time, over the years, I've told you that I'm not afraid of you.

I was courting you, and longing for your return for me. You'd taken everyone but me. I'd seen enough of you, to be unafraid.

But when I felt the life thrumming steadily within me-a life other than mine, my heart stopped. For days after, I was on edge,and everytime I saw you to close to home,I hid from you.

There was a new life waiting to see me and the rest of the world,and I didn't want you to take that away from me. I wanted to live now. I wanted to watch this life grow.


And become someone beautiful.

I'm sorry,but I don't want to see you yet.

I won't chase after you anymore. This time for real,and true.

I want to chase this life around,make them laugh,and smile.

I want to hold them when they cry,and take care of their wounds.

I want to tell them about you,but I will tell them not to chase after you as I did.

I want them to see possibilities.

Not a quick and 'easy' exit.

I want to want life

Not You.

I'm sorry,but then-

I'm not sorry.

This beautiful life was given to me

To love, cherish and protect.

I'm so thankful for this little one

For the renewed thirst for


I can't just let you take that away

So for now,and until you do come for me

I choose


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