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"It's not your turn yet."

Mr. Enigma part 2

by fueled by dreams

I saw you today. You met my  brother didn't you? You were so kind to him,and i want to thank you for that. He's so small and so young. I watched you smile at him,and lift him from his bassinet.

He looked even tinier in your hands,smaller than he already was. You lifted him with care;swaddled him in soft white cloth,and whispered something to him.

I couldn't hear over the slow beeping,or maybe,the words were just for him. I stood off to the side watching silently,my heart beating a mile a minute. Would you finally come and meet me today?


You smiled sadly at me,as you held my brother gently in your arms. I turned and watched you walk down the hall,on silent feet. You disappeared right before my eyes.

But just before you did,you turned and looked at me with your dark,black eyes. You looked sad. Why?

"It's not your turn yet."

I felt my  breath catch,and my heart stutter as you said those words. I'd never heard you speak before now,and your words startled me. I felt hot tears leap up into my eyes against my will as you

turned back,and disappeared.

I walked back into my brother's room. I slowly stepped to his bassinet,and i realized that the tears in my eyes,were streaming down my cheeks. I touched my brothers small,cold form.

The high whine of the machine by his bed drowned out the cries of my family around me,and the tears blurred my vision of my brother.

"You should have taken me." I whispered. And I was sure I heard you whisper back ,

"Not yet,He still has plans for you."

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