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phantomhive0227The sun has come again to hold you
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Catfishing is a very real,and very horrible joke. It's not fun,and it's not a game. Catfishing is not a "victimless crime."


by phantomhive0227

A dare,a stupid joke.

Just for fun,not for real.

I was to make a new person,and pretend they were real

And start a relationship with you.

6 weeks was the limit.

I knew it was a joke,and I didn't expect you to fall

I didn't expect my heart to melt as I got to know you.

But it was a stupid joke,a silly dare.


You wanted to meet someone who wasn't even real.

And I wanted to meet the person who's love for me

Was as real as mine for them. So I had to close my heart,and disappear,and watch from behind a screen as you slowly crumbled. My heart shattered when I found out you were dead.

A stupid joke,a silly dare.

Had killed the one I loved without me even being there physically.

A stupid joke, a childish dare.

"Let's go fishing."

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