Halfway Happy
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phantomhive0227 •Greetings & Salutations•
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Love was supposed to be a road that went both ways.

Halfway Happy

by phantomhive0227

You hated my people You would hate me surely as well You didn't know what I was and I was briefly content with that

You had a picture in your mind You were sure I was one,and not the other You were sure I was your dream girl

I fell for you Hard and fast I wanted to give you everything

I wanted to make you Happy I didn't want to disappoint you just because of the color of my skin I wanted to stay with you.

I picked from the endless catalogue of beautiful girls, And picked one I was sure you'd like I created something- someone unreal I wanted to make you happy

But then things got out of hand fast. Really fast. You fell in love with my story My image..no HER image And I was stuck on one side.

Knowing full well you wanted to meet my creation And fearful you'd hate what was real. I faked her demise Because you would not accept me as I was, I was so sure.

I cried as I wrote the words. "She's gone" I cried as you wrote your lament for your fallen love I cried as our story ended, when it really hadn't began.

I love you I'm broken because you would not accept me for who I was For what I looked like I'm broken because of my lie I'm broken because I Still love you

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