The Blood in my veins
The Blood in my veins  #fiction #newstory stories

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This the big project hopefully it turns out good

The Blood in my veins

When God made angels he was careful to make them, he didn’t want to show any favouritism but his favourite angel Lucifer was by far the best. While the angels looked more like demons with some having eyes all over their body Lucifer was very extraordinarily handsome. His skin white as the snow, his hair golden blond and his pure white wings the sign of him being the

Strongest of all angels but when god made man and all his angels bowed to man he revolted he said “you made me out of fire and him out of dirt, why should I bow down to an inferior” God said in reply “I created both of you and if you will not do as I command then you are the one who shouldn’t be bowed down to” Lucifer was furious and said that he will do everything he can to misguide man

So God took his wings and banished him to hell. Where he became to be known as Satan, Devil. All the gifts that were given to him taken he now had horns sprouting out of his skill it could be seen out of his hair as the curled around and made a sharp tip pointing towards the sky. In the Coming years Lucifer would strengthen his army, he would make them so powerful

That they would eradicate the angels and take over the throne. And when the attack was launched everything changed. God knew it would come so he sent man to a planet he had made specially for them Earth, he knew Adam and Eve would be safe there. As the demons reached the 7th sky laying waste behind them. God didn’t fight him instead he called upon the same flames

He used when he made Lucifer and presented to Lucifer the strongest angel of all “Gabriel. Lucifer was furious he was outraged so much in fact that his horns were starting to grow his skin was starting to gleam a bright orange as the flames inside him were bubbling with hatred. Gabriel knew the purpose of his creation. He asked God for permission to use

His Devine strengths and destroyed Satans army with the Winds of Heaven that were filled with pure good and so the demons fled back to the depths hell. Satan roared with excruciating anger and ignited his hands with fire and threw them towards Gabriel. Gabriel rose his hands up to take a hold of his halo and as he did he transformed his halo into a sword that beamed in pure gold

And the pointed it towards Satan.The fire balls that Satan had threw turned around instead of targeting Gabriel they targeted Satan. The fire didn’t affect him but Satan has one last trick up his sleeve. He had gotten a hold of one of the fruits from the tree of eden which would grant anyone the highest amount of divine power and so he ate it and his body

Started to change his horns stooped growing but could be seen as they were point 3 inches out of his hair, his eyes gleamed with red and a great black trail appeared shaped like a triangle. Satan held his hand out and ordered his weapon from hell his pitchfork appeared in his hands, it looked pitch black and it seemed it was sucking all the light around it

Gabriel’s halo that was the shape of a sword returned to being the shape of a circular shape and he threw it towards Satan where it stopped and flipped and started spinning it expanded enough to suck a whole planet in. The halo was sucking Satan in and had sent him back to the depths of hell. God granted Gabriel the highest honor in terms of angels

After that war. Satan swore he will rise again and he was right he was growing more and more powerful but so were the angels. Everyone was preparing to fight the other and would not hold back in matter what the circumstances. Prologue ended hope you enjoyed chapter one coming soon

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