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A child in a world of hard living a action pack twist

Goodies Place

Today, like every other day, there was a party night. Here at Goodies Place, which is the most popular strip club in the country.

My uncle Ron runs this place with me as the co-owner. My parents left me when I was younger and uncle Ron said he only took me in because he doesn't have anyone to really trust .

"Kid we only got ten minutes before show time." Uncle Ron angrily pounded on the door of my room.

"Alrigh' I'm going old man, no need to get all mad about." I huffed while putting on the tuxedo, Why did he always had me serving drinks and welcoming the customers."

"I swear I should've sold you "he harshly mumbled to me.

"Well why didn't you old man "I answered back as I fixed my sleeves.

"Well you are the child of a whor-"he was cut off as I opened the door nearly missing him.

"How do I look?" I asked him

"Remember that your going to take them off later." he slightly yawned and didn't really care how I look in front of him.

"Well depending on the person, remember " I recalled.

"I might as well charge them half if you don't do as told" he seemed to be annoyed at me. Too bad your mother couldn't work for me she would've had enough money to keep you." he yawned .

Stepping out and heading to the elevator for the 5th floor we had to stop at the little rooms that where they had the entertainers practicing.

Uncle Ron and I have women that we slept with, I would cuddle with them but he had other intentions.

Often I would see the nice ladies having to fight over me because I had no intentions, like Uncle Ron but I had a girlfriend or two that we would just have a fun time just hanging out.

We would watch movies, eat popcorn, and have pizza, but happens once a month.

"Dove!!" Uncle Ron loudly yelled as he heavily pounded on the door.

"Maybe she ain't he-"the sudden flying of the door had surprised me and stopped me half way into my sentence .

A large busty woman stood there at the door only wearing here underwear, her eyes were like the color of the cold and dark ocean,

with blond almost white hair she had brown milky light skin.

"What do you want, I have a break today ." She coolly respond to Uncle Ron.

"Where is Lolia? she was supposed to go with you." he demanded, but still more calmly then usual.

"Don't -"she looked away but covered her chest with her arms and said "She left last night to get some more money from Ace."

"Kid did you...-" he sounded surprised but in a impressed way .

"We and Lolia had a fun,long wild night then we went out to eat and went home to sleep." I hasty said .Everyone else thinks different.

I looked away blushing at the fact they think I had 'fun' but we just went to the fair and held hands.

"We have to go now"he softly said.Dove gave him a peck on the lips.


"Damn it "he hissed it was ten minutes before the club even opened!He had lied to me what a -

"Asshole" I whispered to him.He simply pinched me.

I dont get punished but the only time that I did get punished was when I fell and got drinks over some customer whom was a high sponsor.I got beaten until I was knocked out cold.

I was in a coma about a week until I got back to normal . I would never forget how painful and quick it had happened.

Even now thinking about it has my body aching in distant pain.

Our feet softly pounded again the red velvet floors.


"We open kinda late, ya know ." I tell Uncle Ron in the elevator. It was just the two of us going down to the first floor

"Can't have no school kids here, he yawned "besides no matter how hard we tried they have a trick up their sleeve and still get in."

"I guess I'll stay at the front and h-"There was a loud bang that came from the outside .

"Get over here you'll get "a voice rang. It was Coco who ran the drugs and other thing, I wasn't allowed to talk to him.

"We got 'bout 5 minutes before show time Uncle Ron ."I quickly said before I jogged away. Uncle Ron didn't yell or grab my arm .

"Tell the rest we'll open late." He firmly told me. I Turned around and stared in surprise, this isn't the Uncle Ron I knew! He would brag about never opening late and never early.

Speed walking to the elevator, I wasn't much in the mood to see him fight .The elevator smelled of smoke and beer.

No "adult" beverages where allowed for or any of the entertainers during the working hours .

Stepping out loud music started to come on with the lights going out. The whole place was eye candy. From the floor to the roof blacks and whites became mixed with bright vibrant.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Goodies. The most voted and loved strip." The announcer began.

A around of applauds went and then the dancing started. It was to late for me to stop any of this.

"Damn"I softly cried. How was I going to tell uncle Ron it's open. Tears wanted to rain out of eyes.

People poured in quickly I noticed there was a man in cape crawling among the currants . Alert no longer confused adrenaline kicked in.


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