The elephant in the room.
The elephant in the room. parents stories

perwickbay I have some things to share with you.
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A brutally honest poem about my relationship with my parents.

The elephant in the room.

Parents. A sore subject for me

Not because I never had or lost them.

They are very present in my life, you see.

Yet sadly, therein lies the problem.

Feels like we’re not even related. I don’t know what to say.

We’re barely acquainted. How was my day?

It was the same as always. Remind me, when are you going away?

I’m sorry, I am thankful. I have to be thankful.

Trust me, I’m not happy to take this angle.

Any passion my mother had is long forgotten.

My father worked tirelessly, promoted from the bottom.

Sacrificed himself to the bottle and now he’s a slave.

At this point it’s helpless. He cannot be saved.

I owe my parents for everything I am, that’s true.

But time has caught up with them, and I have too.

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