My first funeral (please read the description).
My first funeral (please read the description). death stories

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Earlier this year, I went to the first funeral in my life. I didn't know the guy all that personally but worked with him for four years. One day he was in the office. The next day, he had killed himself. I've never been overly moved by death before. I have always seen it as the natural way of things. But his passing hit me hard. I resolved to go to his funeral out of respect. After the funeral, I expressed myself in the only way I know how. Suicide is very real. If you take anything from this piece, please just think of others. Ask if they are alright, hold out a hand. It could be vitally important.

My first funeral (please read the description).

No one deserves to die via email.

A collection of pixels punctuating the death of a person so complex left me cold.

The feverish gossiping of those uncaring made me seethe.

My hands were shaking as I washed my face having retreated to the toilets upon hearing the news.

I cannot lie and pretend that he was my best friend. We were worlds and years apart.

He was a well educated, well spoken, fairly upper class guy in his mid to late thirties. I am an average 22 year old guy desperately trying to navigate my way through life.

He was one of the last remaining members of the first team I was put in at work. I was barely 18 having just started my very first job when I met him.

He was one of the cornerstones of knowledge upon which the department relied upon.

He may not have been universally liked but was was respected and his words were gospel. I aspired to be like him.

I tried to learn from him. There were times where he would nonchalantly explain a process in a way that only someone of his intelligence could take it and run with it.

I, on the other hand, would nod blankly before visiting him again 20 minutes later much to his overt dismay.

He had tendencies that would drive me up the wall and there were facets of my personality that, I’m sure, grated him to the bone.

All of that was fine, though. He was just another character in my life.

But I was so wrong.

When boiled down, this irrepressible beacon of knowledge and dry wit was a human being. Not a character; but a friend, a son, a brother.

He was a romantic enigma to most; but he would have loved like everyone else.

To many, he was a pragmatic problem solver; but he had dreams like everyone else.

Of course he wasn’t perfect, but that's what it means to be human.

We are all have an asshole somewhere within us.

We are all have an asshole somewhere within us. It just manifests itself in different ways.

This isn’t a Hollywood tragedy, this is a real one.

It puts everything into perspective.

The fragility of life.

The uncertainty of time.

All we can do is live our lives for those who aren’t as lucky as us.

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