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I lost myself for a while. Now I am found.


I often find myself sat in my room, stifled. There is a dull chaos in my mind. It’s all there but not quite.

Nothing is bright enough to stand out and there’s simply too much clutter to even try to sift through in a vain attempt to find gold.

I can’t grasp anything.

And that is how this world wants me.

I am a mere cog in the engine that rumbles on relentlessly in the name of capitalism. I’ll be replaced by a shiny new cog when I become rusted and old.

I am a twig, tossed into a bonfire. I burn myself out every day, barely an ember when I get home.

But I refuse.

I refuse to contort myself into the box made for me by society.

I am the raging fire in my own engine, hurtling towards the horizon.

I am the firework that escapes the bonfire, shattering the silence and igniting the night’s sky.

I will not be denied.

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