A glimmer.
A glimmer. glimmer stories

perwickbay I have some things to share with you.
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Just something I wrote about her.

A glimmer.

I saw her.

She looked out of place, like a dandelion blooming through the cracks between tired patio stones.

She was misunderstood.

Cast aside, chastised, by a society she didn’t recognise.

She hid behind her walls, towering and thick. Not knowing if they were for everyone else or herself.

I knocked on the walls and called out her name to no avail.

As I turned to leave, I saw a glimmer through a crack in the wall.

A flash of a smile blessed with sincere warmth. Something pure.

I called out her name once more.

Her eyes fixed on mine through the crack.

She looked sorry as her walls grew taller and thicker.

But I saw a glimmer.

But I saw a glimmer. I saw her.

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