The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles-One-The Cimaruta
The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles-One-The Cimaruta fantasy book series for kids stories

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An almost 13-year-old witch is forever getting into trouble, allowing her powers show. Now, they're sneaking out all the time and it's not a good plan for her!

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The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles-One-The Cimaruta

by Lady Ellen

Chapter One ..Part One

It just figured that things would go wrong today. It was Tuesday—the Day of Fire.

Persy entered her backyard through the garden gate and plunked herself down into a chair on the deck. She tossed her backpack down and scrubbed her face with her palms.

Another pain-in-the-butt day. Stupid pranks.

It was always the same.

“Aggrrrrrhhhhh!” she growled, nostrils flaring, and smacked her hands down on the arm rests.

“Great...just great,” she hissed.

Persy had kept her secret well for all of her twelve years and nine months. But today—today she lost control and it peeked out of its box.

She was an exceptionally talented young witch. Each week, as she grew closer to her thirteenth birthday, her powers were becoming stronger and more plentiful. But that was just it. These powers.

This was her secret.

This secret, according to her parents, was the one thing about her no one could ever know.

If it was exposed, she’d risk turning her and her family’s lives into a carnival act, resulting in them being examined like lab rats, and probably imprisoned in a well hidden location.

In this case, it wasn’t the Hunters, but Munz scientists who would want to study and keep them.

Today, however, Persy lost her cool...big time.

Everyone had their limits, right? Kyle Dunsmore was the instigator of this fiasco and the fact that he was two years younger than Persy made it particularly galling that he got one over on her.

Her school life was already less than brilliant with being a science nerd and having to keep the magic thing under rein. She was so tired of the bullying and pranks.

Kyle was well known for being a practical joker, but Persy was skilled at ignoring him.

Persy had to admit now that this particular incident probably didn’t warrant her extreme reaction, but his taunting was accumulative and relentlessly he kept pouring it on.

It happened after soccer practice.

Persy finished on the field, and hurried to jump into a quick shower. It was getting late, about 4:45 pm and her over-protective Mom always wanted her home by 5:00.

She scampered half-dried to her locker; flung the door open, grabbed her hair de-frizzer, puddled some into her hand and smeared it through her long, very thick, dark hair.

And a light went on...she froze. She widened her chestnut-coloured eyes to double their normally large size.

“What IS this stuff?” she hissed. She looked in horror at her palms which were very rapidly stiffening up and turning white.

Someone had replaced her hair product with white glue! And she was pretty sure who that someone was.

Persy slammed her locker shut, grabbed her backpack and ran outside to the schoolyard to see if anyone was still around who may have seen anything.

What a surprise, there was Kyle surrounded by a bunch of his friends laughing to the point of tears.

She heard the words “glue” and “hair” bandied about and knew instantaneously that she was right about the identity of the culprit.

“Well! You’ll not be laughing for long. You are so overdue...” She charged down the steps at warp speed, definitely bent on doing some nasty.

Kyle glanced in her direction and seemed to know that ‘glue in the hair’ could end up in bodily damage.

“Feet...don’t fail me now!” he yelped and scampered down the street.

By the time Persy hit the street outside the schoolyard, Kyle was a full block ahead of her. No problem. Years of soccer trained her into a lean, mean running machine.

Sure enough, in short order she was breathing down his neck. Then Kyle took a quick turn off to the left and hid behind a massive old oak tree.

Of course, this meant they were into “you go one way - I go the other” around the tree; it was too thick for Persy to reach him by standing in one spot. So annoying.

Off to the right side of the tree she spotted Mr. Hornby’s cranky bulldog, Gruesome. He was sitting there, staring, with his tongue lolling out of his mouth, slobbering on the sidewalk.

Persy jumped to the right and as she expected, her target veered to the left. And THAT’S when it happened.

Sparkles sprinkled through the air. “Grues, ol’ boy,” she asked without sound.

“I don’t suppose you could somehow nail this ninny in one spot, while I show him a thing or two about messing with me?”

Unfortunately, just as the conversation started, Kyle leaned to his left and looked directly between Persy and Gruesome. “What are those spark-..?” Persy’s heart raced.

She’d forgotten to consider the visual effects of talking to animals.

Continued in Part Two...

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