The Red Queen
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personfromafar Person in need of a dream come true...
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The Red Queen is a just and beautiful ruler, and yet she longs for something...

The Red Queen

The Red Queen sits high on her throne, beautiful, pure, and grand

Reigning firmly, justly ruling, outstretched far throughout the land

Grinning proudly whilst holding her blood-red scepter in her hand

The Queen nods her head in approval, granting a townsman his needing farm

She smiles, lips cherry-red, and honors the people with loving charm

Yet when angered, she thrusts out one hand and justice to the harmful criminals brings alarm

Her Majesty had many lovers​, yet none came to be worthy of ruling as king

One came with bursting flowers, all red in color​, yet another with a ring

But the Queen turned them down, pushed them away, and ignored the sting

The Red Queen sits high on her throne, gorgeous, charming, and fair

Reigning alone, head held high in ribbons of red, longing with a heartfelt prayer

For someone to love, someone to know, and someone to have this kingdom to share

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