Cloaked Silver: A Chronicle of Azeron Prologue: Sinking
Cloaked Silver: A Chronicle of Azeron  

Prologue: Sinking fiction stories

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In the world of Azeron, people are normal. There is the occasional dragon, but other than that the world is just like ours, a few thousand years ago. Azeron is a medieval-like kingdom, with Warriors as the fighting, upper class and Commons as the lower, poor class. Lords, known as Valons, are above the Warriors and each rules a Dom, or a fief, which contains a certain number of Warriors and as many Commons as live there. The Commons pay taxes to the Valons, and some of the crueler Valons imprison Commons who can't afford to pay. Warriors are considered mighty and noble by outside kingdoms and by the upper classes of Azeron, but the Commons know the real truth: Many Warriors are nothing more than cruel men with weapon skills, and the good ones are few and rare. Most Warriors are sons of other Warriors or Valons. Commons are not allowed to become Warriors, though some Commons become men-at-arms to serve at a Valon's castle.

There is also a mysterious order called the Hunters. These are people who are not afraid of the Forests, which are dark, silent, and filled with shadows. Many strange beasts are said to inhabbit the Forests, and Valons consider Hunters as nothing more than foolhardy yeomen, although Commons are terrified of them, and rightly so. Hunters rarely come out of the Forests, and are masters of stealth and the bow.

One more Azeron, there is magic, but not much of it and those who have the power to use it are considered cursed by the Commons.

Cloaked Silver: A Chronicle of Azeron Prologue: Sinking

Aeliar sank beneath the waves, seeing the shadows of the water flicker above her. The main mast of the ship was splayed out horizontally above her, seeming to stretch forever east and west.

Lightning streaked downward, blasting the forward mast, which was still intact with the rest of the ship. Aeliar's eyes fluttered against the salty sea water, and her sight began to dim.

I can't breathe.

Aeliar was sinking deeper, deeper into the water. Suddenly, she gasped--or gurgled, underwater as she was.

A chest had fallen off the ship and was sinking towards her from above, faster than she was. Aeliar thrust herself upward, hoping to reach the surface.

But the chest was unavoidable and caught her back, sending her deeper. Aeliar was fighting to breathe.

Then, peace. The chest was wooden and decaying. Through the cracks, Aeliar could see a dull silvery glow. What is that?

Small particles, like silver dust, begun to seep through the cracks. Aeliar gasped as a silver cloud enveloped her. Well, you were right, mother. I did have an interesting voyage.

Aeliar's last breath escaped and she screamed, her brain automatically forcing her to inhale. The water hammered into her lungs and her vision darkened.

But a secret was released from the chest. The silvery dust was not what it seemed. And as Aeliar sank still deeper, trapped beneath the chest, her body began to change...

Aeliar's chest convulsed, and then she began to breathe.

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