hard to fit
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periwinkle don't call it a comeback
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a poem of outsiders

hard to fit

The elephant that flew west for winter Forced from comfort by a civil splinter She remembers too much and knows too little Her ears are full of conflict and embrittled

It’s hard to fit in when You’re the elephant in the room Tusk and trunk and ears and all

The owl that stuck out just like a thumb In a school of fish and green pond scum The fish all loved one and each other But the owl, in truth, barely loved their mother

It’s hard to fit in when They already fit together In the pond far from your tree

But who says they can’t be happy Outsiders live in softer harmony Content they are, free of bounds and norms Together weathering all incoming storms

It’s easy to fit in with Those who cant or don’t If only you open your arms

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