the longest walk home
the longest walk home sad stories

periwinkle don't call it a comeback
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the longest walk home

the longest walk home

Hollow legs driving the hollow husk Rays pour like sand into the shrinking musk

Lenses, oily and slick, and glistening Legs, hollow and shaky but still driving

An emptiness fills him up to the eyes It tries to escape but he keeps it dry

Gravel shifts and churns beneath As the sky so blue turns so bleak

He opens his mouth to curse and shout But is too scared of what may tumble out

He blames his maker, creator and now breaker He deconstructs himself, slices he won't savour

His soul slipped out a minute ago Away with the rising mist of his moans

A foulness of mood transpires and follows For the walk home is wrought with sorrow.

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