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periwinkle don't call it a comeback
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An autumnal anchor she quells his rancour

seasonal love

an autumnal anchor she quells his rancour and as the leaves are turning there's a passion burning and yearning the light from their fire lights them up like pyres

it's a seasonal, pleasing all love

a welcome warmth in the winter wood that leaves no splinter both betwixt and between our lovers meet self-discoveries she cocoons in his woollens as they wander the woodlands

it’s a seasonal, feasible love

none dare tell the lambs of spring what the later seasons bring it's love's ability to hide fragility they sing in ignorant bliss ignoring the cold of their kiss

it’s a seasonal, conditional love

the summer heat puts a chill in the air a cold and palpable hostility is there "perhaps we should take a break." as their love starts to abate beginning to dissipate it evaporates into the hot summer air

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